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Tidebooks are available for the following areas: Seattle, Aberdeen, Astoria, Oregon Coast, Crescent City, Humboldt, San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay, Central Coast, Santa Barbara & Ventura, Los Angeles and San Diego.

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When looking for a new form of advertising, you want to get the most value for your dollar. Consider our “EASY READ” Tide Books. These books allow your customers to know the daily tides, sunrises, sunsets and moon phases. They are a constant reminder of your business all year long.

The inside of the "EASY READ" Tide Book is printed in two colors with all minus tides printed in red. (Sample below) This tide book is calculated with care for the avid fisherman, sportsman or the family that enjoys beachcombing along our shores.

Our "EASY READ" Tide Book also has a calendar that shows the minus tides for the full year printed in two colors. This book will be retained as a valuable booklet for those who enjoy boating, salt air, the surging of the surf and the sand sifting between their toes. Your ad will be read and re-read many times as this handy "EASY READ" Tide Book will be used over and over.

The cost of giving these valuable booklets to your customers is very small. This booklet will be retained for continued use as the information in it is projected for a full 12 months. A wind chill chart is included and surviving rip currents on the inside back cover. The inside front cover has delicious clam chowder recipes. Or you could list additional services your business extends for an additional charge. Treat your customers to the best in tide books --- give them "EASY READ" Tide Book.
To expand the value and use of the "EASY READ" Tide Book, the Southern California editions feature the grunion runs, while all other editions have correction tables for easy time conversions. (Sample below)


Below is a sample of San Diego area January 2014 


Here is a sample of Grunion Runs predictions and Tide Correction table